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This cable is perfect for running a single cable when 2 (or more) CAT5e cables are required. Not only does it mean just one cable needs to be run, but identifying data lines couldn’t be easier!

Great for use with:

  • HDMI Dual CAT5e Baluns/Extenders
  • Security CCTV systems using CAT5e Video Baluns
  • or simply for running to Dual Network / Network+Phone wall plates in home installations

Dual CAT5e Cable for HDMI Extenders


  • Consists twin UTP4 pair cables wrapped in a black outer jacket
  • Blue and yellow inner cores
  • 4 pairs per core (8 wires per core)
  • Ideal for any CAT5e distribution system where more than one CAT5e cable is required
  • High performance 100MHZ Category 5 in-building distribution cable
  • Flexible unshielded 24AWG solid pairs copper FEP insulated conductors
  • For high speed data applications
  • Kink resistant easy to install jacket
  • Impedance: 100±15 Ohms
  • Attenuation: 22.0Db/100M @ 100MHz
  • Insulation PE: 0.92
  • Supports network systems i.e Ethernet, Token Ring and X-DDT
  • Lengths available:
    • 1 metre lengths (4PRCAT5ETB-1MT)
    • 25m Roll (4PRCAT5ETB-25MT)
    • 40m Roll (4PRCAT5ETB-40MT)
    • 305m Roll (305x 4PRCAT5ETB-1MT)
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