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CARDVR1 Sell Sheet (pdf)


replaced by CARDVRHD

With rising reports of road-rage and crowded roads getting more crowded, the CARDVR1 provides a simple solution to protect yourself and your family from the legal repercussions of other careless road users.

Featuring motion detection, and continuous recording, you can be sure that the CARDVR1 will capture those breif moments that could save you lots of time and money later. Captures any dialog that may take place outside of camera view using its built-in microphone.

Can also be used indoors to monitor pets & property with its useful motion detection mode and can be left permanently on when used with an external power supply (not supplied).



  • 2.5″ Colour flip-down LCD
  • 1/4″ Colour CMOS Sensor
  • Truly continuous recording
    • Cyclical: overwrites older files when SD card becomes full; never miss a moment
    • Begins recording as soon as unit powers up
  • Take snapshots / photos
  • Allows playback of recorded Video and Pictures
  • Internal microphone and speaker for audio recording and playback
  • Date / Timestamp on video
  • Records video up to 1280×960
  • Built-in Lithium Rechargable battery
    • Charges via Car-charger or USB cable
  • Can operate as USB Webcam
  • Composite / Mono AV Output



Image sensor 1/4″ Colour CMOS
Camera Angle 120°
Minimum operating brightness 1 Lux
Display 2.5 inch TFT
Battery 300mAH
Battery operating time >1 Hour
Picture size 5M, 3M, 2M, 1.3M, VGA
Video size VGA (640×480), QVGA (320×240), SXGA (1280×960)
Video format AVI (30fps)
Video data rate 1GB/10min @ 1280×960,
1GB/30min @ 640×480,
1GB/90min @ 320×240
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Storage Support MMC/SD card up to 32GB
Language English / Russian / Chinese
Power Cigarette lighter / USB(DC 5V)

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In the box

  • CARDVR1 vehicle DVR
  • Suction-cup mounting bracket
  • 5V 1A car charger with mini USB lead
  • Mini USB-B lead
  • 3.5mm to 2x RCA AV lead
  • User manual






Q. HELP! My CARDVR1 is not turning on even though the LED is lit!
In some cases, the CARDVR1 has been reported to enter into a deep sleep mode where it is not possible to turn the unit back on. But don’t worry – there is a firmware update to correct this issue. If you are considering buying the CARDVR1, we have already upgraded all our stock with the latest firmware so you don’t have to!

If you have encountered this issue, you can bring it back to us to upgrade the firmware for you, or you can do it yourself by following the instructions here: CARDVR1 Firmware Update Instructions.

Q. How do you set the date/time?
A. With the unit powered ON and not recording:

  1. Click ‘Menu’ button to get to the ‘Setup’ Menu (usually 2 clicks of the ‘Menu’ button to get across to it)
  2. Click ‘Down’ button until you get to ‘Date Input’
  3. Click ‘Rec/snap’ button to select then click ‘Down’ button to select ‘Set’ then click ‘Rec/snap’ button
  4. Click ‘Down’ button to choose date format (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY etc)
  5. Click ‘Rec/snap’ button to select the next option along (the date for example)
  6. Use the ‘Down’ and ‘Up’ buttons to choose the correct value for date and time.
  7. Use the ‘Rec/snap’ button to select the next option (the month for example)
  8. Repeat these steps to set the day month year and time in hours and minutes.
  9. Once you have completed this click ‘Rec/snap’ to return to the menu