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High quality plastic surface mount black and white video intercom system, 4 Wire Connection. The plastic surface mount camera unit features a lens with vertical adjustment and 6 IR LEDS for night viewing.

Auto turn off time 60 Secs.

An exclusive feature of the DOSS surface mount video door phones is the height adjustable lens on the camera unit. Cameras are constructed in plastic housing.The door latch
option is activated via the door station.

  • Display : 4″ Black and White CRT screen
  • High clarity picture resolution: 380 lines
  • Auto turn-off time: 60 seconds
  • Warning signal
  • Door lock control
  • Monitor mode
  • Outdoor Plastic Surface Mount Camera
  • Audio / Video output
  • Viewing Angle: About 53 °
  • Adjustable camera
  • Infrared camera
  • Night vision
  • Monitor Power : 15V DC 1.5A

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  • B&W video monitor
  • Camera
  • Power Supply
  • Mounting Hardware
  • AV Lead
  • Manual

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  • Built-in mic/ loud speaker
  • Push to call button
  • Image angle about 53 degrees
  • Lighting: 0.1 lux for 30cm
  • Lens with vertical adjustment
  • Camera HWD: 127x 95 x 35mm


  • Power Supply (included):
    • Input: 110V ~ 240V AC
    • Output: 15VDC @ 1500mAH
  • 12 Month Warranty


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