The SPB5ECO is a product which is designed to reduce bothstand-by power waste & energy cost. It also provides advanced surge protection to protect electronics, and power filtration for cleaner power supply. It works by automatically turning off power to Slave Outletswhen the device connected to the Master Outlet is in standbyor turned off. It does this by monitoring the power consumption from the Master Outlet to determine whether the Master Outlet device is On or Off (or in standby).

This powerboard offers 5 outlets, all filtered and surge protected to guard your expensive Hi Fi, TV, or DVD etc. against damage. Also has 2 built-in USB chargers for charging your USB Devices.


  • 1 Master Outlet
    • Controls power ON/​OFF of the Slave outlets.
  • 3 Power Slave Outlets
    • Turns ON/​OFF automatically according to Master Outlet’s command.
  • 1 Switched Outlet
    • Manually turned ON/​OFF by power switch.
  • Power ON Indicator Light
    • The green indicator light to show the utility power is powering the outlets.
  • Power Slave ON Indicator Light
    • The blue light indicates the slave sockets outlets are fed with power.
  • Protection Indicator Light
    • The green light indicates the surge protection is working well when lit.
  • 2-Port USB Charger
    • 2-Port USB Charger (5V/​1A)
    • USB ports work with iPhone chargers
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker
    • Reset the circuit breaker after a current overload at 10 Amps. Disconnect all equipments before executing reset button.
  • Netbook – PC/​NB Slide Switch
    • Located on the back, select setting by sliding the switch.

About the Netbook – PC/​NB Switch

Netbook computers are designed to run on lower power consumption patterns than PCs & Notebooks. Due to this fact, the Master Outlet may not recognise your netbook computer’s, or any other low current device’s, standby / sleep / ON & OFF status in order to switch the Slave Outlets.
If your Slave Outlet devices are not powering ON or OFF correctly with your Master Outlet Device, try changing the setting of this switch (located on underside of the SPB5ECO).

The trigger amperage to switch on for Netbook is is 78.3mA ±13mA. The trigger switch off amperage is 30.4mA ±13mA. The trigger amperage to switch on for PC/​NB is is 152.1mA ±13mA. The trigger switch off amperage is 87mA ±13mA.


Electrical Rating 10A / 240V, 2400 Watts
Outlets (Total) 5
Master Outlet 1
Power Slave Outlet 3
Switched Outlet 1
Power Switch Power ON/​OFF Mode
Netbook PC/​NB Slide Switch Available as an option
Switching currents In normal operation:
ON trigger current: 152.1mA±13mA
OFF trigger current: 87mA±13mA
In Netbook operation:
ON trigger current: 78.3mA±13mA
OFF trigger current: 30.4mA±13mA
Surge Suppression (NV) 918 J / (OS) 1836J / (QN) 3672J
EMI/​RFI Noise Filter 150KHz~100MHz / up to 40dB
Optional Secondary
  • 2-Port USB Charger (5V/​1A)
  • Phone Line (RJ11) Protection
  • Combo Phone Line (RJ11) & Network (RJ45) Protection
  • DSS/​COAX Connector Protection
Stand-by power <0.8W

C-Tick Approval number: SAA101261EA


manual Download the SPB5ECO manual (1.7MB PDF file)