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DPS300 Sell sheet (pdf; 1MB)

DPS300 User Manual (pdf; 1.3MB)



Being able to get yourself moving when suffering a flat battery or even a flat tyre is always important. Keeping this all-in-one car emergency unit charged and in the boot of your car will save you time and money and prove its worth on countless occasions.

The DPS300 compact 12V rechargeable jump-starter and air compressor is great for emergencies around the home or for the car and is ideal for ensuring you don’t get caught out by power cuts, flat batteries or flat tyres. The all-in-one unit features an air compressor for tyres and other inflatables, a jump-start utilising 300 amps (600 peak) of boost starting power for dead car/boat/van batteries, and a portable energy supply for DC-operated electrical appliances (e.g. auto-wrenches, portable TVs etc). It’s rechargeable from 230V mains power or 12V car lighter socket (both chargers supplied) and is small enough to keep in the boot.

  • Jump Starter – up to 300 amp (600 amp peak) cranking power for jump starting your vehicle’s flat battery
  • Air Compressor – 260 psi for fast tyre inflation – also includes display gauge
  • DC 12V / 10 amp output socket featuring overload protection for use with items that are powered via cigarette plug
  • Rechargeable via AC Adaptor or DC car lighter adapter
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 255 x 235 x 170mm


What’s in the box

What’s in the box

  • 1x DPS300 Compact Power Station
  • 1x AC Charging Adaptor
  • 1x Car Socket DC Charging Adaptor
  • 3x Inflating Nozzles




  • Battery:
    12-Volt DC / 8Ah Rechargeable Sealed lead-acid AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery
  • Compressor:
    260 PSI (18 bar) Reading Gauge
  • 12V Power Socket:
    12 Volt DC / 10 Amp maximum
  • Charging Times:
    • AC Charging
      – maximum and initial charge time: 28 hours
      – Typical charge time: 20 ~ 24 hours
    • DC Charging – Maximum and initial charge time: 18 hours
      – Typical charge time: 8 ~ 12 hours
  • Dimensions (WxHxD):
    • Unit: 255 x 235 x 170mm
    • Carton: 312 x 285 x 185mm
  • Weight (Gross): 4.46kg


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