Firmware Upgrade via Network Instructions

Quick Instructions

Step-by-step: Upgrading the DOSS RPDVR

  1. Ensure your DVR is powered on and is connected to the same network (sub-net) as the computer you are running the upgrade software on. Note the IP address of your DVR (shown on the front panel).
  2. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file and extracted all the files to a folder on your computer, run RECUpgrade_Config.exe
  3. Insert the IP into the box [1] and then press "Login" [2]. The upgrade port is 8000 – if there is a different port number please correct this in the box next to the IP address.

  4. Enter your username and password. By default, username: admin and password: 123456
  5. Click "Open files", and locate your DVR's Firmware "vss.bin"
  6. Click "Update" and the process will begin...
  7. The rest of the upgrade process will take place automatically. Do not disconnect power from the RPDVR or break the network connection while the upgrade is in process!
  8. When the update is complete, success message will appear. Click "OK", then close the upgrade software by pressing the [×] button.
    The RPDVR will automatically reboot once the update is complete. Once rebooted, check the DVRs Build Date using the method described on the Doss product page.