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HD901-36 HDMI Portable Tester User Manual (1.2MB)


The HD901-36 HDMI Portable Tester is part of the HDMIDIY Kit

— please see HDMIDIY for more information.

The HDMIDIY Kit allows installers to create their own HDMI cables from scratch. Perfect for situations where large holes cannot be cut for HDMI Plugs, or for running HDMI cable through narrow conduit. This kit allows you to crimp solderless HDMI plugs onto any length of HDMI cable you like (up to 15m without signal boosting), allowing the greatest flexibility for installations.

HD901-36 HDMI cable portable tester is designed for professional HDTV installation, especially for DIY termination in the field. With this portable device, the installers can quickly test, troubleshoot and verify HDMI cables. Equipped with dual modes, CONTINUITY and SWEEP, the tester can either test the DC continuity or sweep the pins one by one and detect the intercrossed adjacent pins which are beyond the common single mode continuity testers on the market.


  • Continuity Mode:
    In this mode, the device can test the continuity of each wire inside HDMI cable. Please see the table for pin and wire assignment in our solderless HDMI DIY system.
  • Sweep Mode:
    If the cable passes the continuity test but does not work on a real DVD-TV system, you can use the SWEEP mode to sweep all pins one by one sequentially for any intercross. This kind of fatal problem sometimes occurs with the adjacent wires of a twisted pair in field termination, but
    is always beyond common DC continuity tester.