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AHD Troubleshooting

Follow the steps below, if you are having issues connecting your Doss AHD cameras to our Hybrid DVRs

  • Is the power on and are the cameras connected into the DVR correctly?
    • Make sure the power supply to the cameras is working too.
  • Are the cameras in AHD mode or CVBS (576L) mode?
    • Doss AHD cameras come out of the box configured to output CVBS by default (for maximum compatibility with various test monitors used during installation). Easily switch to AHD output by holding the OSD key to the right on the camera for about 3-4 seconds to switch. Please note: Some cameras will have an inline controller, some will have buttons on the back. See the camera description page for more info.
    • Some Hybrid DVRs do NOT accept 720p or lower resolutions from analogue cameras. Make sure your DVR is able to do this.
  • Are you wiring directly with RG59 + power cabling, or using CAT5/6 baluns?
    • If the latter, make sure you are using a HD capable balun such as the VPB45HD.
  • Does your TV/Monitor have the required inputs?
    • The new range of Doss Hybrid DVRs only come with VGA and HDMI video outputs. Make sure your TV/monitor has at least one. HDMI is the recommended connection between the DVR and TV.