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M700SDI offers a wide range of features to simplify CCTV camera installations. It is capable to test power, focus and aim your cameras locally without a trip back to the control room. The unit´s bright screen and easy to use menu are ideal for outdoor use.

The CCTV HD-SDI Tester is designed for the installation and maintenance of the video monitoring system. It is an ideal tool for CCTV security system of SDI digital camera and analogue camera. It is easy to operate and can be used for analogue camera, SDI HD digital camera, camera with PTZ control and video in and video out.



  • 7 Inch LCD display screen with 800×600 resolution (supports 1080×720 and 1920×1080 inputs)
  • HD-SDI Video in & out
  • VGA/BNC connect in
  • Display analogue camera image and PTZ Control
  • Detect video peak level, SYNC level, Colour Burst etc
  • LAN tests: IP address search, PING, Port scan testing etc.

Please note:
The SDI and HD-SDI input is for progressive scan inputs only (NOT interlaced).


Display 7 inch TFT-LCD, 800×600 resolution
HD-SDI signal SDI video in (BNC) x1,
SDI video out (BNC) x1
Analog video signal BNC video in x1,
BNC video out x1    
PAL/NTSC auto-change
VGA signal VGA in x 1
Video level meter video Peak level, SYNC level, Colour Burst measurement
Audio input Test if the audio of other equipment works normally
PTZ Protocol support more than 30 protocols, such as RS232/RS485, PELCO D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc.
Baudrate: 600-115200 bps
Color bar generator Output one channel PAL/NTSC colour bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable (red, green, blue, white and black colour)
UTP cable tester Test and identify twisted pair wires
Data Monitor Capture and display the command data of RS485/RS232 from controlling device.
Photograph,Video record and playback Snapshot, Video record, Playback
Micro SD card storage
Communication port 10/100M adjustable, RJ45
Network testing IP address scan, Link monitor, PING test, Scan the ID of the PTZ camera quickly
PoE tester Display the power supply voltage and the cable connection status
Cable scan Trace cables by audio probe
Power out-1 DC 12V output, Max.2A
Power out-2 DC 5V output, Max.2A
Power adapter DC12V 2A
Battery Built-in 7.4 V polymer li-ion battery, capacity of 6500mAh
Rechargeable working time lasts 16 hours after 8-10 hours charge
Operation setting English/Chinese OSD menu optional
Auto off 5-60 mins
Working temperature -10 to 50°C
Working humidity 30%~90%
Dimension / Weight 231 x 172 x 52 mm / 1.3 kg