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This compact, robust and light weight battery charger gives a complete and fast charge to sealed and wet type of lead acid battery.

In the Bulk Charge Stage, it charges the battery at a constant maximum current until the battery voltage increases to a slightly higher level and switches to the Absorption Mode at which the battery is then kept at this voltage while the charging current decreases to a low value.

When the battery is fully charged, the charger is then switched to the Floated Charge voltage where it can be maintained indefinitely. At the Float Charge Mode, the charger will make up for the loss of self discharge of the battery.

This charger has two selections to cover a wide range of sealed (VRLA) and the wet type of lead acid battery. In addition to the standard short circuit, over load, over temperature protections, it has electronic reversed polarity protection, output over voltage protection, and battery low voltage protection to prevent damage to the charger and the battery.

  • 3 Stage (IUOU) Switching Mode Lead Acid Battery Charger.
  • 2 Selectable Bulk Absorption-Float Charge Settings for Sealed & Wet battery
  • LED indicators for charging and Full/ Float mode.
  • Wide Input Tolerance for fluctuating mains voltage
  • Protections to the charger and battery. Output ShortCircuit, Over Load, Over Temperature, Reverse Polarity
  • Protection to the battery. OVP (Over Voltage Protection) the charger will cut off output when output voltage is over 15.5V, this gives complete protection the battery
  • Battery Under-Voltage Protection. When voltage of the charged battery is less than 7.5V, the charger will stop charging the battery which may be of wrong rating (6V) or faulty or heavily exhuasted


AC Input Voltage 180-260V, 50Hz~ Yes
AC Input Current at full load at 230Vac 0.8A
Output (Charge) Voltage Selections (2 Battery Type)
Sealed Battery – Absorption (13.8V to 14.1V); Float (13.2V to 13.5V) Yes
Wet Battery – Absorption (14.1V to 14.4V); Float (13.4V to 13.7V) Yes
Maximum Output Charging Current (Continuous) 5A
Line Regulation (180V to 260V) for Charging Current 0.6%
Ripple and Noise (Peak to Peak) 120mV
Efficiency at Maximum Power 84%
Short Circuit Protected Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Over Temperature Protection Yes
OVP (Output Over Voltage Protected Yes
Battery Under Voltage Protection, Yes
when battery voltage <7.5V, charger will stop charging battery
CE Approvals and Standard EN 60335 , EN 55014
harge Indication 1 LED, Red : Charging, Green : Full or Float
Anodized Aluminum Casing Yes
Size in mm (Width x Height x Depth) 142 x 75 x 32mm
Weight in gm 380g
Included Accessories (Cable, Mounting Clips) Yes
Recommended Battery Capacity Range 20AH to 50AH
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