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Power Supply for AIPHONE


  • Rated input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Vibration input voltage range: 90-264V AC
  • Rated input frequency: 60/50Hz
  • Vibration Rate input frequency: 63/47Hz
  • AC input Rated current: 0.75A Max .@100V AC
  • AC input Max power(No load): 0.3W Max .@230V AC
  • Inrush Current: 30A Max .@100VAC cool start
  • 60A Max .@230VAC cool start
  • 1.8 Leakage current: 0.25mA Max

Output characteristics

  • Rating output voltage: 18V
  • Rating output current: 1.33A
  • Min. load current 0A
  • Output no load voltage: 18V±5%
  • Output load voltage: 18V±5%
  • Output ripple & noise: 200mV

General characteristics

  • Max output power: 23.94Watts
  • Efficiency: 80.41%(min.)@full load & input 230VAC,Output set to18V/1.33A.
  • 80.41%(min.)@full load & input 110VAC,Output set to18V/1.33A.
  • Short circuit protection: Protection against short circuit for output.
  • The output can be shorted without damage.
  • Overshoot : 18V±10%
  • Switching Frequency: 60 KHz Typical
  • Any protect condition shall cause no damage and no component fail.


  • Operation temperature: 0~40C
  • Storage temperature: -25C to 85C
  • Operating relative humidity: 8% to 90%
  • Storage relative humidity: 5% to 96%


  • MTBF: 50k hours min. @ full load at 25C ambient temperature
  • Burn-in: 24hrs 40±5C 240VAC ON/OFF cycle full load nominal line.
  • Altitude: Will operate properly at altitude between 0 to 10000ft.

Automatic recovery when removal of protect condition.

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