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The meter is a high quality consumer product with the most newly developer technology that utilizes an advanced sensor for detecting the microwave leaking from the microwave oven. The highly sensitive sensor  can detect the microwave accurately, even at a low volume the injury of the radiation of microwave.


  • LCD Digital readout.
  • Leakage volume in dangerous zone will sound ‘beeping’ and a red lamp flashing
  • Low leakage volume display for warning
  • Human factor engineering design is suitable for the operation of both hands
  • Battery operates for more than 1 year
  • Never needs recalibration
  • High sensitivity to the microwave
  • Excellent reliability and high precision



  • Calibrated at 2450MHZ
  • Range: 0- 9.99 mW/.cm2
  • Warning value:5.0 mW/cm2
  • Accuracy:+-1db
  • Power source: 9V battery
  • Battery life :  1 year minimum for routine chcking once a month.


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