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The USBCAT100 can extend your USB devices or Hub up to 100m, overcoming the typical 5m USB cable limitation. It’s comprised of a local transmitter and a remote receiver, which are connected by a standard CAT5 cable.

Great for installing a webcam with your flat screen TV while HTPC is stored away in a discreet location, or for locating a USB printer on the other side of the room in a home office!


  • Uses latest USB transmission technology – more stable
  • Supports USB1.1 and USB2.0 protocols
  • Extends computer full speed USB up to 50m
    • Certain low speed USB devices may work up to 100m
  • No need for driver
  • Easy installation
  • Uses standard CAT5 cable – no expensive cables
  • Supports plug & play for USB device
  • No power adaptor required – uses no extra power
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