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NF270 is a compact, reliable and useful Laser Distance Meter that uses laser light waves instead of ultrasonic and measures its reflection to accurately determine distances. It is designed to give the users a high accuracy, one-person distance measuring and estimating tool to measure remote and difficult to reach places.


  • Instant measurements of the distance between two objects with one-button operation
  • Quick calculations of distance formulas such as area (square feet/metres) and volume
  • Reduce estimation errors, saving time and money
  • Measurement to 70m with accuracy of 3 mm
  • Compact size, easy to carry


  • Interior decoration & design and construction technology
  • Construction project supervision & on-site inspection
  • Real estate development and evaluation, fire evaluation
  • Public facilities planning, landscaping planning and application in telecommunications industry


Function Continuous measurement
Area measurement
Volume measurement
Pythagorean proposition measurement
Add and subtract measurement
Max storage 99 units
Distance measurement precision ±2mm
Measurement unit options mm/in/ft
Minimum Display 1mm
Laser level 635nm Class 2
Measurement function Length / Area / Volume
Automatic cut off 20s
Automatic shutdown 150s
Storage temperature −20°C − 60°C
Working temperature 0°C − 40°C
Storage humidity RH85%
Battery 1.5V 2x AAA
Dimension 28 x 54 x 118mm
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