DOSS is an Australian-owned brand that began in April 2002. The DOSS range of products has gradually expanded since and now our products span over several electronic and electrical areas.

In the earlier days, DOSS pride itself on having a comprehensive array of reliable and good quality cable to suit various applications and industries. DOSS cable remains one of the key components to the brands continued success in Australia. DOSS now manufactures far more than lengths of cable. We present our customers with a range of products that covers everything from connectors, adapters, plugs and sockets to a range of TV antennas, CCTV cameras, tools, test equipment and even mini cigarette lighter torches.

Here at DOSS we remain focused on the needs and requirements of our customers. We thank all our customers for the feedback and suggestions they gave us over the years. It has helped us successfully introduce new products to the Australian marketplace. This success has fueled us at DOSS to continue expanding further a field.

In the future, with our customers continued support and feedback we can continue to manufacture and introduce more DOSS products to Australia. We trust this will facilitate the needs of installers and the trade that depend on the reliability and practicality of DOSS products.