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4Amp 8-port DC12V Regulated Wall Mounting Power Supply with built-in 3AH backup battery


  • PW408U: 8 Port Voltage output.
  • Red LED for Main power.
    • Individual Green LED for power indication.
  • Individual PTC 1.1Amp, (2.5A/4sec.) fuse on each output protection.
    • Toroidal transformer for high efficiency andlow operating temperature.
  • Built in Surge Protection
    • Wall mounting metal box
    • Overall Dimension: 330 x 210 x 89.5 mm



  • 4AMP„» 8 Port Voltage output
  • Green LED ON: Output ok, LED not light: output failed (check LOAD)
  • Red LED ON: Major power supply normal, LED not light„»Major power supply not normal (check output: power switch or fuse)
  • Input AC Voltage„» 100V ~ 240V, L = LiveWire, N = Neutral Wire, E = Earth Wire.
  • Output Voltage load: 12VDC Regulated at 4AMP. (Recharge Battery status: 3.5AMP Max.)
  • Individual current protection: 1.1A, (2.5A/4sec.)
  • Max Output Current: 4AMP (1CH~8CH)
    • Individual output: standard output current 1AMP
    • Individual PTC output protection.
    • Individual current protection: 1.1A, (2.5A/4sec.)
    • Built in surge protection
    • At least need one second to auto rework after remove the overload status.
  • Built in 12V 3.3AMP Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery for power back up.
    • Automatic switch over to stand-by battery whenAC fails.
    • LED color Indication on Battery: Green: battery full, Yellow: battery recharging, Red: loss of AC, stand-by battery supplying power, Flash Red: low battery.


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