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  • Ideal for professional, permanent AV installations (inside walls, under floors etc.)
  • RGB colour coded cores
  • Conductor use purest OFC, it has the characteristics of high conductivity, low electric resistance, good signal transmission
  • Insulation uses foamed PE, which has low dielectric constant, low capacitance, less attenuation and distortion, ensure signal quality and transmits image and sound signals with high stability and fidelity
  • Adopting double shield, aluminum foil + AL/Mg braiding, minimal circuit interference, high signal-to-noise ratio is obtained
  • Soft, highly flexible PVC outer jacket is vibration-resistant. It is free of signal quality deterioration caused by molding vibration and bending


  • Conductor: 5*1/Ø0.8mm OFC
  • Insulation: 5*Ø3.65mm Foamed PE
  • Lapping: 5*AL/Mylar
  • Braiding: 5*16/3/0.16mm AL/Mg
  • Jacket: 5*Ø6.0mm PVC
  • Wave impedance: 75±3 ohm(@200MHz)
  • Attenuation at 20C: 1
    1~450MHz ≤ 20dB/100m
    450~862MHz ≤ 30dB/100m
    862~2150MHz ≤ 45dB/100m
  • Capacity/m: 54±5pF
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